Closing Day

Prior to the Meeting

  • Resolve walkthrough issues: Any monetary issues arising from your walkthrough need to be resolved before the final settlement statement (the HUD 1 form) can be prepared. I will attempt to resolve these prior to settlement but, if not, these must be discussed before anything else takes place.
  • Review the HUD 1 settlement statement: Together, we will review the statement to be sure that all charges and credits are the correct amounts and charged to the proper people.
  • Review sample settlement documents: If you are going to want to read all the documents prior to signing, please do so prior to settlement by either arriving early or making arrangements to receive a sample set.

What to expect on Closing Day

How do I know when my closing process is complete?

Typically you’ll sign documents 1-3 days before closing and recording. That means that once you sign your loan documents, it could take up to 3 days before the funding process begins. Your loan funds are transferred from your lender to a Title company. The Title company is the actual entity that records your property transfer with the County. Once the deed is recorded at the County in your name, the home is yours!

That’s when Maureen is able to deliver your keys to you!