Sell a Home

Maureen Waters is Committed to working with you to sell your home…

For The Highest Possible Price

It is hard to prove that our listings sell for more than they might sell elsewhere on the market. The closest we’ve come to that sort of measurement is in that we’ve been responsible for more than 5 sales that were marketed for over a year by another firm, and that we placed back on the market for a HIGHER PRICE and then successfully sold.

In The Shortest Amount of Time

The ability to advise on market timing is Maureen’s competitive advantage. Our marketing program is consistent and predictable giving us a number of reliable metrics that can help us identify how long it will take each listing to sell.

With The Least Hassle

We want your biggest concern during the home sale process to be that you were expecting the process to be harder. Maureen strives to provide first class customer service, and a “let us handle that for you” approach to the sale. We’ve refined our process so precisely – nothing falls through the cracks.

We strive to make the home selling process stress free and enjoyable.  We have worked with many clients over the past several years and have tweaked our marketing plan to stay on the cutting edge of the technologies and strategies that it takes to sell homes in today’s challenged market.  Contact us today if you’d like to schedule a pricing walk-through and recommendation as well as a customized marketing presentation for your home.