Prepare for Settlement


Choosing Who to Represent You For Settlement

Unless agreed to otherwise, the Purchaser usually has the right to choose the settlement attorney or title company who will conduct the settlement.

  • It is not unreasonable, however, for the Seller to request the use of a particular entity to facilitate a 1031 Exchange, to coordinate a sale with a purchase, or in the case of an estate sale.
  • Relocation companies and new home builders routinely require settlement with a predetermined settlement company or attorney.


Ordinarily, the title company or attorney does not represent either of the parties but is retained to follow the instructions of the sales contract, agreed to by the two parties.

Timing of Settlement

Settlement should be scheduled as soon as possible to insure that the most convenient time will be available. Settlement companies become very busy during the last week of each month. Request for a change in the date and time may not be possible as the settlement date approaches.

Title Search & Surveys

The settlement company will search the title and order any required surveys.

My personal recommendations – Title Companies

First American Title Insurance Company
Phone: 480-753-4424

Grand Canyon Title Agency
D (602) 474-5210 | O (602) 474-521


You will be required to bring several items to the settlement (closing), including a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy (for fire, theft and other contingencies) and a paid receipt representing one year’s coverage. In some cases, the lender will require delivery of this and the termite documentation prior to settlement. You must also have a cashier’s or certified check for the balance of the down payment and closing cost.

Although the lender will have provided you, as the purchaser, a Good Faith Estimate of Closing Costs as part of the loan application process, your settlement agent or attorney will also calculate for you approximately what you will owe. The following checklist includes some of the items included in the closing costs. Some of them are tax-deductible and certain of them may not be applicable in your situation:

Closing Costs May Include:

  • Loan origination fee
  • Loan discount (s) or points
  • Appraisal fee (due with mortgage application)
  • Credit report (due with mortgage application)
  • Underwriting and document preparation fees
  • Mortgage insurance fee
  • Assumptions fee
  • Settlement or closing fee
  • Abstract or title search
  • Title examination
  • Title insurance binder
  • Survey fee
  • Termite inspection fee
  • Transfer tax
  • Recordation tax
  • Escrow for taxes and insurance

Once all inspections have been done and your financing finalized, you will need to attend to the following. The earlier these are done, the fewer last minute surprises will arise.

Contract with your mover.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, you will not receive keys to your new home until settlement and recordation of the deed transfer. Any arrangements for your early access of the seller staying after settlement must be arranged through your Realtor®, and will require a written agreement.

Contact utility companies.

Gas, Electric, Water, Telephone, Cable
See utility links below.

Obtain check for required cash to settle.

Certified funds- The amount of cash needed at settlement can be obtained from the attorney or title company several days prior to settlement. This number can be obtained from your HUD-1 Settlement Statement and can be estimated from your Good Faith Estimate, but it is best to call your attorney or closing company 1-2 days prior to closing for the most accurate number.

Are you going to be using funds generated by the sale of another residence as all or part of your own down payment on this one?If so, be sure that we have discussed this with your settlement company and have coordinated the timing of the two settlements to allow for an Assignment of Funds.

Personal checks may be used only for small amounts owed at settlement if the final figures change at the last minute. Otherwise, a cashiers check or bank check will be needed. This can be obtained from your bank and will usually require a small banking fee.

Establish time of walkthrough.

I will coordinate the walkthrough with both you and the seller. Normally the walkthrough will take place within 3 days before settlement and after the seller has vacated the property.

Directions to settlement office.

Make sure you have received directions to your settlement company, either from the company or from myself. I will be happy to attend settlement with you.


** This is an up-to-date list of local utility contact information. If you find that any of this information is outdated, please let me know! Additionally, if you find that one of your service providers is not listed here, please let me know that as well so that I can add them in the future!


Water, Sewer & Trash

City of Chandler     480-782-2280    PAY BILL NOW

City of Tempe    480-967-2001    PAY BILL NOW

City of Gilbert      480-633-2600    PAY BILL NOW

City of Mesa   480-644-2221   PAY BILL NOW

City of Phoenix      602-262-6251   PAY BILL NOW

City of Scottsdale    480-312-5650    PAY BILL NOW


SRP, Salt River Project      602-236-8888    PAY BILL NOW

APS, Arizona Public Service      602-371-7171    PAY BILL NOW

Southwest Gas      602-861-1999    PAY BILL NOW

Phone & Internet

Qwest Communications      1-800-244-1111     PAY BILL NOW

Cox      1-800-229-6542     PAY BILL NOW